All matter is on a spiritual edge. 

It is matter. 

It is spontaneous but intentional. 

Thrown stones.

Did the center of the space move, when a stone was thrown somewhere? 

If the stone is stepped on and worn, does it eventually disappear?

If so, does the center disappear? 

Or if many beings go back without stepping on it, is the center somewhere else? If so,

is it a periphery? 

Or if they gather around the stone, is the area of the stone expanded? How does it affect what is not central? 

Evaporated stones. 

If it is mortal, when the stones are no longer visible, no longer existent, do the traces also affect many beings? Do they behave as before? How long does it last? 


Does matter make us detour? 

Do traces of matter cause behavior? 

It is a situation. 

As an intimate structure of the social organism, the periphery is in the current central context.  

Drifting stones. 

A myriad of stones occupies space. 

They are floating and colliding.  

They are divided and scattered. 

It is the fate of space.

It is fragile but voluntary. 

It is asymmetry and erratic.

A porous stone. 

Matter exists beyond the boundaries or at the core. 

By alternating the center and the periphery, by eliminating oneself,

it supports the spatial life-cycle as Apoptosis* of an organism.   

They sustain the boundaries as ephemeral traces.


* Apoptosis: programmed cell death