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DDDD is an art platform based in Berlin. 

Since 2017, DDDD has sought potential contexts in the fragmentary timeline of reality leading to boundless links of nodes rather than linear thinking in a solid structure and system. This is an exploration of what you can see now and beyond.


D magazine is an online publication concerning the discourses surrounding contemporary art, culture, and society in three sections — features, re/previews, and interviews.


D collection is an experiment on the distribution of digital works of art, performances and any other artistic medium on the Internet.


D project will aid in realizing DDDD’s ideas for both on- and offline platforms.

Reproducibility of the painting:
The return of past memories and senses

September 14, 2018

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Signale der Gemeinschaft, die niemals enden werden <The Show Must Go On> 
von Jérôme Bel

August 29, 2018

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9 short articles and images about the Venice Biennale
July 26, 2017