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DDDD is an art platform based in Berlin. 

Since 2017, DDDD has sought potential contexts in the fragmentary timeline of reality leading to boundless links of nodes rather than linear thinking in a solid structure and system. This is an exploration of what you can see now and beyond.


D magazine is an online publication concerning the discourses surrounding contemporary art, culture, and society in three sections — features, re/previews, and interviews.


D collection is an experiment on the distribution of digital works of art, performances and any other artistic medium on the Internet.


D project will aid in realizing DDDD’s ideas for both on- and offline platforms.


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Ari Cho              

based in Seoul and Berlin. She writes vague, miscellaneous texts about art and non-art, long and short stories. Interested in the elegance of Transparentness - Smoothness - Luminousness. She is a time traveler who records and collects things that she has experienced in all sorts of form.



Eunji Park          

is a doctoral student at Berlin University of the Arts and a correspondent journalist with an art magazine Public Art in Korea. Her research focuses on exploring curatorial theories and methodologies by analyzing artists’ books.


Hara Shin          

is an artist based in Berlin. She is layering fragments up by measuring uncertain and immaterial things. She is also interested in unfilled gaps between images and narrative.




Jeonghun Lee   

is an art journalist based in Berlin/Seoul. He formerly worked as assistant curator at DNA Berlin and currently writes about art, design, film, and lifestyle. All contributions are published on various online platforms and print publications.



Yoonjung Choi   

is an art historian and critic based in Berlin as well as Seoul. She studied theories of art in Seoul and worked at Asian Arts Theatre in Gwangju, South Korea. Currently, she studies a master’s degree in Kunst- und Bildgeschichte in Berlin and contributes articles to online platforms and prints publications. Her main area of concern is the way of production, consumption, and circulation of images in the media environment, which influences our perception and experience.


Kiki Park            

is a graphic designer currently based in Hamburg and Seoul, and a director of publishing house Wkkch Press. He cherishes the medium of the printed matters and its materiality. He studies in Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg(HFBK Hamburg).